Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

Samhain Blessings

Ah the start of the holiday season.  Also the Pagan New Year to some of us.  I follow the typical calendar everyone else does for day-to-day living, but today is the spiritual year-end for me.  I haven't quite figured out if it's also the beginning of the next cycle or if there is an in between period of rest and reflection between here and Yule on December 21st.  I don't really have anyone to ask either; I think it is something I will have to work out on my own.   I am leaning heavily toward a limbo of rest and reflection, though.

Since I am feeling my way down this spiritual path alone (and happily so), I don't do much outwardly.  I'm dressed like a punked-out Goth version of myself as I type this (*grins*) but that’s just dress up and playtime for Halloween at work.  

Tonight when I get home I will light a fire in my wood stove with more ceremony than usual.  I will light my candles and put them near the windows to light the way for those that need it and then I will venture out into the dark and bury apples for the dead.  I put one at the front  door and one at the back as an offering.  I say a quiet prayer of my own making and wish all who are able a smooth transition through the veil. 
I think of my loved ones who have passed on and remember them with love and light. That’s my Samhain.

Halloween in fun and candy and silliness, Samhain is for the soul. 

Blessings to you and yours,


(Clipart taken from the word program I wrote this in)

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