Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thinking of Fall

Fall is my favorite time of year and Halloween is my favorite holiday, although I do love Thanksgiving too.  It isn't even August yet and I would swear that I can already feel Fall coming.  It's still hot during the day and everything is about as lush and green as Colorado can manage at this altitude, but I feel it.  Just the first faint tendrils around my ankles and against the back of my neck.  It makes me happy.

There is a woman whose blog I have followed for some time now and to her October is a holy month.  I agree with her on that, whole-heartedly, but September and November glow a little for me too. 

I follow the Wheel of the Year (in heart always, if  not always outwardly) and to me October 31st is the end of the year and the start of that in between dark, restful time until Yule.  I have more Halloween/Harvest decorations than Christmas/Yule ones and I keep them up as long as I absolutely can--some years I actually have to dust them before I pack them away again.

So right now it looks like this....
which is lovely, don't misunderstand me on that.
But soon it will look like this....
and the tang of wood smoke will fill the air and I'll get that sense of anticipation that always shows up in the Fall.  I hope that one day I'll understand what it is I'm anticipating.  It always feels like something is just around the corner and if I crane my neck just so I'll be able to see it.

Every year bright Fall fades into chill Winter and I get a sense of loss and let down like I missed it or was forgotten.  I am ever hopeful that this will be the year I figure out what it means. It doesn't mean I enjoy Fall any less though. 

Even if it is only the end of July and August lays ready to pounce.

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